A furniture system designed to transcend time


Dean & Marc
In the shadow of the WeWork building in Waterloo and the novelty of a pandemic, Dean looked at his watch and announced “I’ve missed my next meeting! It started 20 minutes ago.” In the two hours before Dean and Marc were lost in an immersive deep dive into the future of interior design and how furniture should be designed and supplied. This was the first time they had met and a realisation that they were kindred spirits in the path they felt we all needed to walk to help save our industry.

Dean at the time was the Global Head Of Furniture for WeWork. As one of the first 100 employees, Dean had lived the hyper growth of WeWork, specifying at the bleeding edge of workplace interior design in the US, India, China and the UK. His experience in the furniture trends and requirements of space operators is unquestionable.

Marc was and remains the owner of a British manufacturing group, CE International and furniture brand, Roger Lewis. His experience, in the operation supply chain dynamics and manufacturing requirements of the furniture industry, is equally strong but from a very different perspective.

The journey Dean and Marc subsequently went on over the following two years have been involved. The blog posts on this website share the story of their passionate journey to create a concept furniture brand of the future. A furniture system designed to transcend time. This brand is called ‘Capxule’ - pronounced [cap-suhl]

Marc Richard, Co-Founder
Marc is the Managing Director of Roger Lewis, co-founder of Capxule, and owner and principal of CE International. Roger Lewis is a British manufacturer of furniture for retail and contract clients, out of the company’s new factory in Frome, Somerset. Capxule is a futurist and closed loop furniture brand, piloting at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week. Marc grew up in Leeds where a passion for building relationships out of candid communication and integrity was baked into him. Marc has a love of enabling exceptional individuals to thrive and live impactful lives. He lives with his beautiful wife and two wonderfully natured sons in Bath. LinkedIn

Dean Connell, Co-Founder
Passionate about creating meaningful layered experiences through interior design and furniture. Dean is a creative director with 15 years of experience based in London, working across retail, hospitality, and office design projects. He is one of WeWork's founding employees who helped disrupt the world of flex office space globally between 2013-2020. Currently, he is exploring two key themes in his daily work; what is the future of work? And how can the circular economy encourage natural consumption? LinkedIn